Simulation Rules


 1.   Introduction

•     The following rules shall apply to any person attending Colegio Inglés Model UN.

•     The Colegio Inglés Conduct Code will be in effect during the entire duration of the event.

•     Consequences will be applied accordingly following Colegio Inglés Conduct Procedures.



2.   General Rules

Middle School students will participate in the event with the following responsibilities.

The Delegates, Chairs and Secretariat should:

•     Observe a proper attitude throughout the event.

•     Participate positively in all sessions.

•     Respect the location, persons, and Institutions involved.

•     Follow the planning and organization of the event.

•     Delegates, Chairs and Secretariat should always were their badges in a visible place.

•     Follow the dress code.

•     Electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) are not allowed during the sessions, ceremonies, and events.

•     No eating or drinking during sessions, ceremonies and events. 



3. Representing your Country during Sessions

Delegates should represent only the delegation assigned to them by the Secretariat.

•     Delegates must speak English in the committee.

•     Delegates must follow Parliamentary Procedures at all times.

•     Previously written resolutions will not be taken into account.

•     Delegates must not establish direct conversations among themselves.

•     A delegate cannot leave the committee unless the Chair decides there is a valid reason for the delegate to leave.

•     Notes will only be allowed inside a committee. You may also use documents, related books, or other items that could prove useful during the sessions.



 4. Warnings

•    Warnings will be issued by the Chair if a delegate is not complying with the rules and procedures previously mentioned.

•    Disrespect towards any member of the committee, chair, other delegates or guests will be dealt with according to Colegio Inglés

Conduct Procedures:

•    Warnings will not be erased from the Chairs records.

•    A delegate who receives 3 warnings will be asked to leave the committee for the rest of the session.

•    If a delegate still fails to keep order he will receive another  warning, or he or she will be asked to leave the simulation for the day.



5. Forbidden Activities

•       Activities that are considered forbidden will be subject to consequences according to the Colegio Inglés Conduct Procedures.

•       Forbidden activities include: drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, or drug use.

•       Fighting or horse playing, offensive language, or any activity that violates the integrity of a person is also included in the forbidden activities.

•       Any other activity considered to be forbidden or inappropriate will result in consequences as well.



6. Information Desks

•       Delegates are allowed to go to the Information Desk to ask questions about locations or events. Delegates may also suggest or make comments on anything related to CIMUN.

•       Delegates may go during sessions only if the chair grants permission.

•       The Information Desk will keep items that are lost. In case of loss of an item be sure to check the Information Desk.



7. Opening and Closing Ceremonies

•       Everyone should demonstrate a respectful attitude during the opening/closing ceremonies event. Failure to do so will be reported to your advisor.

•       Inappropriate conduct during the ceremonies is subject to consequences according to Colegio Inglés Conduct Policies.