What is CIMUN?
Colegio Inglés Model United Nations

CIMUN is simulation of the United Nations in which many schools come to Colegio Inglés to participate by debating and finding solutions to recent and very important problems world wide. 

In CIMUN delegates come to take on the roll of a country, during the time span of the simulation the delegate must take on the point of view and position of said country. They must investigate about it and then bring their knowledge to a debate in attempt to solve current world problems. 

CIMUN started 19 years ago, with many purposes. CIMUN has helped many students to show their leadership skills, debate skills, and knowledge about current events. Also, it has helped students learn that there are different points of view from country to country. 

This year we are celebrating CIMUN XIX, and we want to celebrate with you debating in our committees. CIMUN XIX is organized by a committee called "secretariat", this committee is in charge of all the event, starting with the organization of chair and debate, delegates, topics, trophies, schedule, food, delegate party, guest speaker, sponsors, etc.