"one doesn't need to be a great hero to change the world."

                                                            - Anne Frank-


“Delegates, on behalf of the Secretariat, we would like to welcome you to CIMUN XVIII. We have worked very hard to host this event for you, so we hope that all the effort not only from us, but also from you, pays off this day. We hope that this experience will not only form part of your memories for these three days, but also for the rest of your lives. What you get from this event, and pass it to someone else. 

Currently, we all face a big amount of problems. We might think that we are not affected by these problems, but sometimes we do not even realize the problems that are going in our house, school, and community. That is why we should do something. Mark a difference. To be leaders within our communities and help solve these issues.

You are all talented and have the needed qualities to make a difference, so use them, do not miss out on your opportunities. We have very high expectations from each and every one of you. Prove what you are capable of achieving, and that there is no limit for what you aim for. Work hard because it is right thing to do, and you will see the results will arrive by themselves.”

Secretary General:

David Martínez Celis González